When it comes to blogging, publishing content on a consistent and regular schedule is incredibly important. However, we all know that writer’s block can sometimes hit. To avoid it, it’s worth ensuring that you have a list of topic ideas in your back pocket. This can help you maintain that regular blogging schedule. Today I am sharing 6 ways that you can come up with blog post ideas, so that you NEVER run out.

Step 1: Curate content the RIGHT way! You don’t have to be the expert on everything in your niche, find others who may know more than you in a specific area. You can then create a post on that topic and refer your readers to that expert’s content. This can help you add additional topics to your blog, and create relationships with other bloggers!

Step 2: Ask your readers! Yes, you started your blog for yourself, but if you want to grow a bigger audience, it’s important to write for your readers. What better way to come up with blog topic ideas, than to ask the very people you’re writing for!?

Step 3:  Stay up to date with what is trending on social media. If you have your own Facebook group, check-in with what is being discussed, but don’t forget to visit your competitor’s groups. Find out what people are talking about and then take those ideas and use on your own blog.

Step 4: Use Quora! Quora is a question and answer site– Is there a better place to find blog topic ideas then an area where people are going to specifically ask questions!?

Step 5: Create different types of content. If you’re sick of writing, get more personal, create videos, go live on Periscope, Facebook or (now) Instagram. On any of those platforms you’ll have live viewers who may ask you questions, and take the conversation in a different direction, then share that video on your blog.

Step 6: The reviews on Amazon products, can be very insightful. Have you ever checked out the questions people ask on a product, or even the reviews that they leave? If not, it can be an amazing resource for finding new and unique topics.

Step 7: Finally, repurpose content you already have written and published on your blog. For example, if you wrote a “How To” post, you can then repurpose that and make it an infographic or maybe share the tools that can help make the how to possible.

Bonus: Here’s a post I shared with almost 4,000 blog topic ideas! (Yep, 4,000!)

It’s important to remember that you don’t need to come up with hundreds of topic ideas in one sitting. If you set-up time to regularly brainstorm ideas, you’ll eventually grow a huge, long list that you can pull from whenever you need it. Plus, with regular brainstorm sessions, you’ll be continually growing your list, which means you’ll never run out!

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